Nichiren Sangha is a place to unite all the Nichiren Buddhism practitioners irrespective of their personal beliefs in different organizations. The distinction is created by our minds and what we believe is just a reflection of our mind. Sometimes the truth is beyond what we see, hear and what we understand, Neither Shakyamuni buddha nor Nichiren created those distinctions but the ordinary people like us. We believe and follow what we accept as truth. By Chanting “Namu myoho renge kyo” OR “Nam myoho renge kyo” we are invoking the mystic law. The law of nature, Shakyamuni Buddha, and Nichiren don’t care which organization we believe but the wish-granting jewel Lotus Sutra respond equally to all who believe in (Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren) true Dharma. The moment we realize the truth of Lotus Sutra and the power of chant “Namu myoho renge kyo” with our practice and experiences, we can see ourselves unite under the same umbrella. “If you want to share about your experiences with Mahayana, Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism then please send me in an email( I will publish your story on my blog website. As a true believer of Lotus Sutra, I would like to share some interesting quotes from Lotus Sutra chapters here.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 2

O Śāriputra! You should know that the Dharma Of all the buddhas is like this. They teach the Dharma With myriads of koṭis of skillful means, According to the capacities of sentient beings; The inexperienced cannot understand this. You have come to know with certainty the skillful means Of the buddhas, the Teachers of the World, That are expounded in accordance With people’s capacities. All of you, have no further doubts! Let great joy arise in your hearts And know that you will all become buddhas!

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 2

O Śāriputra! You should know that through the buddha-eye I see beings wandering in the six states of existence Who are poor, deprived of merit and wisdom, Who are entering into the bitter path of birth and death, And are suffering repeatedly and without end. They are deeply attached to the desires of the five senses, Just as yaks are attached to their tails. Obstructed by greed, they are blind and cannot see. They do not seek the buddha who has great power, Nor the Dharma that cuts off suffering. Deeply immersed in false views, They try to eliminate suffering through suffering.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 5

I appear in this world To bring peace of mind to sentient beings And to teach the Dharma of immortality To the great assembly. This Dharma has a single flavor Of liberation and nirvana. I expound its meaning with the same subtle voice, Always making the Mahayana The subject of my illustrations. I see everywhere, and regard all as equal. I have no feelings of like or dislike; For me there is no this or that. Nor do I have either love or hate. I have no attachments and make no distinctions, And so always teach the Dharma equally to all; And teach the same thing to one person The Lotus Sutra As I teach to everyone else.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 14

This sutra is the utmost, Superior to all the sutras. I have constantly preserved it And have not revealed it indiscriminately. Now is the right time to teach it to you. After my parinirvāṇa Those seeking the buddha path, Who want to attain ease and expound this sutra, Should become familiar with these four spheres Of the teaching concerning ease in practice. Those who recite this sutra will always Be free from anxiety and illness, And will have a noble countenance. They will not be born into poverty, Lowliness or ugliness.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 16

Since I attained buddhahood, Immeasurable hundreds of thousands of myriads Of koṭis of incalculable kalpas have passed. I have been constantly teaching the Dharma, Through these immeasurable kalpas, Leading and inspiring Innumerable koṭis of sentient beings And enabling them to enter the buddha path.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 16

I see all sentient beings Submerged in the ocean of suffering. That is why, by not manifesting my form, I cause them to yearn for me. Then, after awakening this longing, I appear and expound the Dharma; Such are my transcendent powers. For innumerable kalpas I have constantly resided On Mount Gṛdhrakūṭa and elsewhere.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 25

The Bhagavat, endowed with excellent marks, answered Akṣaya mati in verse: Listen to the practices of Avalokiteśvara, Which have their application to all! His vow is deep like the ocean And his kalpa is of inconceivable length. After having attended Many thousands of koṭis of buddhas, He made a great, pure vow. I will now explain it to you in brief: If you hear his name and see his body, And contemplate him in thought, Your life will not be in vain; And you will extinguish all suffering.

Lotus Sutra: Chapter 26

At that time the devarāja Dhṛtarāṣṭra was present in the assembly, respectfully surrounded by thousands of myriads of koṭis of nayutas of gandharvas. He came before the Buddha together with them and addressed the Buddha with his palms pressed together, saying: “O Bhagavat! With a mantra-dhāraṇī I will also protect those who hold to the Lotus Sutra.” He then recited the dhāraṇī, saying: Agaṇe gaṇe gauri gandhāri caṇḍāli mātaṅgi jaṅguli vrūsaṇi agasti.